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     RULE 1 - That before we can have faith, we must first do penance according to the preaching of John and of our Lord Jesus Christ.

     RULE 12 - You must obey God's commands.

     RULE 13 - Our zeal for God's work must be intense.

     RULE 14 - There is a proper time for each word and deed.

     RULE 15 - To be saved, we must perform OUR duties.

     RULE 16 - Those who live with holy persons are in no way benefited by this fact unless they, also, perfect their own souls.

     RULE 17 - That, recognizing the nearness of the end of the world from the signs of the times, we should accordingly live our lives.

     RULE 18 - The commands of God should be carried out as the Lord enjoins.

     RULE 30 - Whosoever and whatsoever is consecrated to God should be honored as holy as long as the will of God is fulfilled in them.

     RULE 31 - There are things that should be set aside for those consecrated to God.

     RULE 32 - We must render to everyone what is fairly and reasonably due him.

     RULE 33 - We should not give scandal.

     RULE 34 - All men, in their own degree, should be a pattern of good to others, each one exhibiting in some degree the humility and meekness of Christ.

     RULE 35 - He who beholds a man, who is living with consistency a life of piety and who exhibits the holiness of the Holy Spirit, and attributes this all to ...Satan, instead of to God...commits blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

     RULE 36 - Those who obey all the commands of Christ should be accorded honors as though rendered to Christ Himself.

     RULE 37 - Service, according to our ability, even in very small things, is acceptable to God.

     RULE 38 - The Christian should offer his brethren simple and unpretentious hospitality.

     RULE 39 - We must persevere in clinging to the good things which are in the Lord.

     RULE 40 - Those who introduce erroneous doctrines to delude or confound the unstable should not be tolerated.

     RULE 41 - Whoever gives scandal must be eradicated: "If your hand scandalizes, you cut it off."

     RULE 42 - Christ came not to abolish the Old Testament laws but to improve and perfect them, thus making them more difficult.

     RULE 43 - The Old Testament precepts prohibit wicked deeds; the New Testament commands forbid even the harboring of vices.

     RULE 44 - The commands of Christ are sweet and light unto refreshment for those who submit to them.






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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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