The Website aims at sharing in a simplified and summarized form the rich Christian Tradition contained in the writings of the great Fathers and Doctors of the Catholic Church which, together with Sacred Scriptures, are the sources of Divine Revelation. This rich Tradition, neglected for more than a thousand years but which enjoyed resurgence since the turn of the last century, has not influenced majority of the clergy and laymen. And yet this Tradition gives the Catholic stand for all situations in life whether it is political, economic, scientific, social, familial… and above all spiritual. It has in its bosom the formula for happiness, a state common to all saints.

The website aims at reminding all Christians of the will of Christ: "To seek first the kingdom of God and His justice; and all the rest will be the given to you."



The Lay Monastic Community of Caryana is a monastic community patterned after the first early Christian communities, specially the Basiliades of St. Basil. It was the ambiance set up by the early Fathers of the Church wherein the Christian Family may live the fullness of the Gospel together.

The rules observed are the commands of Christ enumerated in the Gospel and explained by the Apostles and Fathers and Doctors of the Church. The community aims at imitating the way the Catholic Church looked in the early eras of her existence; "they built cities in the desert." During those times, when asked where the Catholic Church was, they would point to the lay monastic communities in the desert or just out of town. St. Patrick is said to have made Ireland into one big monastery.

The lay Monastic Community, because it is monastic, is ruled by strict and austere rules of the early Fathers, like St. Basil and St. Benedict. Though extraordinary today, this way of life was ordinary in early Christianity. It is an answer to the call of Vatican II "to return to the roots," a very short phrase in the voluminous documents of the Council that hardly anyone noticed it. And yet it is the spirit of Vatican I and II. To continue the renewal initiated by the Councils could solve the evils that beset the Church; it is the only way the Church knows by which she can solve the evils within her.





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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."
                                                                                                                      -Teresa of Avila 


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