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He who loves his life will lose it. He who loses his life will save it. 

In the world, he who seems to love living is he who is usually complimented. Of course, we do not know what is in store for him.

He who loves his life is he who pampers his life in the flesh. The fact is he is losing his life by sending it to eternal fire.

Two signs that one loves his life are: firstly, his desire to be extraordinary and, secondly, his attachment to self-chosen plans.

All troubles in life come from one's love for life. And these troubles cause mental disturbances which, definitely, cannot come from the Spirit of God. God fills the soul with peace.

If God wills that you fall into temptation, it is that you may recognize it as a temptation. It is for this reason that God allows you to fall in the presence of others due to your excessive delicacy and discretion, in order to mortify that desire to feel extraordinary. God, sort of, causes the ground to give way that you may realize your utter foolishness.

And who are those who lose their lives? Those who are willing to give up things, comforts and conveniences and even their lives for Christ's sake. Do not be like many who are willing to give up their lives for Christ as long as there is no pain. 

With regard to our life--if we do not have the courage to give up our lives, at least, be willing if He takes it.








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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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