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It is sick and the medicine it is prescribing for itself is worse than the sickness. In its pride, it has rejected the medicine God has provided which has been proven effective and chooses its own instead. The world is so sick its reasoning has become sickening; or maybe it is the absence of reasoning. 

A doctor begins by studying the normal state of a human person. Then, when a person gets sick, the doctor tries to find out what went wrong by comparing his present state with the previous state; or, if he does not know what went wrong as in the case of cancer, he just tries his best to restore the man to his previous healthy state.

In medicine, some doctors may think differently as to how an organ broke down. But all are agreed on how the body should be. All cures are directed towards restoring the person's original health. Today's society is sick; but nobody remembers how an originally healthy society looks, or they refuse to see how it should look. Christ taught man and showed man how an ideal society should be. But everybody is rejecting His idea.

And so, today, people are analyzing the sickness in the Church and, without looking back at the ideal Christ had instituted, begin to invent weird medicines. If a man with a dysfunctional leg goes to a doctor, the physician would simply try to restore the use of the leg. Or, if it is necessary, he will amputate the leg. The modern man, with  his bright ideas, will instead redesign the arms and legs, thus producing a monster. The doctor may, by necessity, send the man home with one leg less; but the modern man will tend to send him home with one extra leg. 

The ordinary man says: I hate aspirin but I'll drink it to get rid of my headache. The modern man is saying: I want to get rid of my headache; I want a toothache instead. Or, to get rid of his catarrhac, he would prefer the paradise of diabetes.

Modern man's cures to both his spiritual and social problems are worse than the maladies. The state, in its attempt to solve poverty, which is only physical poverty, introduced materialistic capitalism which contains spiritual HIV. In trying to cure a physical lack, the state introduced a spiritual disease. Christ would rather we choose poverty than have a broken family. He was born poor. But modern Catholics, definitely, would rather have a broken family than face poverty. 








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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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