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There are many acts allowed in the Old Testament which are prohibited in the New Testament. An example is the possession of wealth: in the Old Testament, man may possess wealth without restriction as long as he acquired it in a just way.

Surprisingly, the holy man of old spent his wealth according to the prescription of the Law. Anna, the prophetess, Nathaniel, Tobias. . .all used their wealth according to the will of God. 

Tobias used his wealth to bury the dead who were poor, even endangering his own health. He even allotted part of his inheritance to his servants. And know that he was a poor man who became rich. Such persons usually are stingy.

Such were the men of the Old Testament. I doubt if many of us in the New Testament can even equal that. And yet more is required of us. 

The heroes of the Old Testament were described thus : "They possessed all things according to the Law and left all things behind according to the Law. But the old have passed away, and all things are made new."

What is new? At that time, indulgence was tolerated; now, the rule is abstinence. At that time, fasting was rare; now, our whole lifetime, we should be fasting. At that time, vengeance was the response for injury; now, patience. At that time, the law was lenient towards carnal pleasure; now, even indulgence with the eyes is not allowed. 

". . .those who have wives as if they have none, they that weep as though they weep not and those that rejoice as though they do not rejoice, and those who buy as though they do not possess and they who used this world, as if they do not use it."

While in the Old Testament unlawful things were prohibited, in the New Testament, licit things are restrained. God restricted the usage of marriage, the pagan flow of tears, the intemperance of joys, the lust for possessing, and the greed for purchasing. 

How far removed are they from God who, when  God orders them to renounce their wealth while they live, seek to keep it in the possession of their families when dead.

O madness. . .to have all kinds of in-laws inherit your wealth while you disinherit your soul; to leave others rich for a short time, you condemn yourself to eternal beggary. 







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