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We live in a vale of tears where we are constantly oppressed with poverty, in danger of losing our reputation, our lives sapped by diseases, or faced with losing our loved ones anytime. The trouble of the world greatly weighs us down. But amidst all these, we can still find inner peace if only we can learn how to suffer from Christ.

First and foremost, we must know why God allows suffering. Definitely, not out of hatred; "My children, do not fall away from your adherence to the Lord because he has corrected you, for this correction is a sign that He loves you."

It is not when all is well that we rejoice. We rejoice in the cross, i.e., when everything is against us. Suffering reminds us to remain humble and grateful to God.

Do you really believe that you can live a life of enjoyable luxury and abundance and still go to heaven? The lives of the saints, God's favorites, are replete with sufferings. . .and these are only the ones man can see. You cannot imagine the suffering they underwent which we know nothing about.

When in the midst of suffering, we should think like Job: "I know in the appointed day I shall be resurrected  and once again I shall be whole and in my flesh I shall see God."

If we see someone committing a great sin and seems not to be afflicted by illness or misfortune, you can be sure that God has abandoned him due to the magnitude of his sins.

Good people welcome suffering; sinners should all the more welcome suffering because it is an invitation to be cleansed. Do not ignore the message that comes with suffering for sufferings are meant to veer you away from sin and lead you to virtue.

St. Basil the Great



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