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Most of us love those from whom we can get something. And often we are like this with God. Herein the danger lurks that we will end up loving what we get rather than from whom we got it. Thus was the sin of the fallen angels.

Love is absent when we complain unduly for not having what we want. True love does not complain when what we want is missing. It is even pleased not to have them. . .because, evidently, it is thus God's will.

True lovers of God have obedient wills; they are perfectly obedient to God. They have no need for consolations.

Love of God is lost when you refuse to suffer what Divine Providence arranges for you. Thus, Christ loved the cross because it was the will of the Father. We, to, must love God's will even if it is the cross. Thus, Alphonsus Liguori called the cross the nuptial couch. 

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