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Christ said, "If you love Me keep My commandments." To love God and neighbor we must keep the commandments of Christ. All the commands of Christ are acts of love of neighbor and God. 

During the end times, no one, neither bishop nor priest, neighbor, theologian nor lay would know the commandments of Christ. So no one would really know how to love God and neighbor. St. Paul calls this the Great Falling Away or the Great Apostasy. And Christ prophesied this, calling it the "waxing cold of charity." A few would remember the Ten Commandments of God but no one would have any idea what are the so-called commandments of Christ. 

This, of course, would be followed with the complete disappearance of charity or love. Only lust will rule the world. And, as a consequence, there will be wars, first within the family, "Fathers against sons and mothers against daughters...you will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relations and friends...your own relations will drag you to court."...then wars between nations. 

The end times will be evil times: hardly any good can be found. The souls of the people may be likened to Jerusalem that will be hedged in; no one can come in and no one can get out. The souls of all will be such that they will not be able to get out of their sinful state and God will not be able to come in to convert them. 

It is no wonder that many saints prayed that they do not see this day, liturgically symbolized by the feast of Christ the King. For most Catholics, the only thought they have on this feast is the procession. The Liturgy has become meaningless.

St. Thomas Aquinas 






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