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Christ prophesied that the last days will be very evil days. "Evil" in that the human race will be filled with wickedness and misery; and these will pale the miseries and wickedness of previous generations.

Christ became man, precisely to eliminate the wickedness and minimize the misery that mankind will experience due to its fallen human nature. With the following of Christ, wickedness can totally be eradicated, but misery can only be minimized. The saints had overcome their wickedness but all of them experienced some misery until their death. 

Mankind has always been wicked and miserable since the time of Adam and Eve. The first murder was by a brother, Cain, killing his own brother, Abel. And Adam and Eve were surely miserable at that. Every baby that comes into this world cries.  . . sort of signaling his entry into a world he knows to be wicked and miserable.

Saints, because they are continuously persecuted by wicked people, were, in some degree, miserable. Wicked people do not have to actually persecute the saints; their wicked lives are, in themselves, a persecution of the saints. Lot was a just man but suffered because he was surrounded by wicked men. The apostles were grieved by the sight of sinners who were not repentant. St. Paul, besides suffering from shipwreck and thirst, was made miserable by false brethren. 

Scriptures has it ". . .Make the most of your time when days are evil". . .which signals the last days. How do you make the most of your time? Give up something that you may be free for God. If strife knocks at your door, give up something in order that you may be free for God and not for strife. What you give up must save you some time. 

It is like when you buy a pair of shoes; to possess the shoes, you must give up your money. So, lose money to gain repose for your souls. When trouble comes and asks for 1 coin, give 2, and it will depart. Thus, Scriptures has it, if someone brings you to court to get your coat, give your cloak also. During the last days, you have no time for hatred, anger, resentments. Give both your coat and cloak that the occasion for resentment may be removed, and you may have time for prayer, fasting and good works. 

St. Caesarius of Arles 






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