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The Liturgy before Christ the King prepares the faithful for the Feast of Christ the King, which pre-figures the end of the world, and His coming in judgment. Christ, prophesying first the fall and destruction of Jerusalem now prophesized about the present Jerusalem and the end times.

Before the Anti-Christ, the Catholic Church will experience the great, "falling away" wherein a great number of Bishops, priest, nuns and lay people will embrace heretical teaching. . . thus the name.

Since only the Jews are waiting for the Christ, the Anti-Christ posing as the Christ will appear to the Jews and proclaim himself as Christ. How will he be accepted? Firstly, he will be a legally elected official, like a Prime Minister. Then, he will do what the entire Jewish people have been waiting for, which was impossible before but possible now… the rebuilding of the Temple. A Jewish prophecy states that he who rebuilds the temple is the Christ. Thus, the Jewish elected official who is responsible for the building, because of this feat, will be declared the Christ. And he will be installed in this Jewish temple of God.

At first, he will try to imitate Christ by being humble. He will be a real statesman and a great diplomat. He will win many to his side. He will even abolish all forms of idolatry thus preparing the way to be worshipped. He will perform wonders. But these wonders are either illusions or wonders that many think only God can do. These wonders will win all those destined to perish.

Seeing that the Christians claim that Christ had already been born he will initiate a cruel persecution of Christians. Many will die for the Faith.

From his winning image he will begin to show his true colors, especially with the coming of Elijah and Enoch who will expose him as a fraud and win the Jewish people to Christ and Christianity. The Anti-Christ will have them killed. 

After this is the coming of Christ

Today, the fulfillment of the prophecy is at hand. The Ark of the Covenant, lost since the time of Solomon, has been found. As a consequence, the Israelites have produced all the sacred vessels needed for the Temple sacrifice. A seminary has been training the priest for the Temple services. Jerusalem has been conquered by the Israelites and proclaimed as their capital. The last obstacle is the rebuilding of the temple. And this is the greatest point of contention between the Israelites and Palestinians. . . the Temple Mount. And the intransigence of both sides consists in that the Israelites want to get back the Temple Mount where the original Temple used to stand. But this means the removal of two sites holy to the Arabs.

A little knowledge of politics will tell us who will win and what will follow, the ultimate dream of every Israelite...a religious and political center for all Jews with the rebuilt Temple as its center.

A Dictionary of Christian Beliefs; Editor- Bercot Daniel, 2 Thess, 1 John, Rev. Justin Martyr, Iranaeus, Hypolyptus, Tertullian, Commodianus, Origen, Cyprian, Victorinus, and Lactantiuss. 






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