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There are two Advents of Christ, His first coming on Christmas Day and His second coming at the end of the world, celebrated as Christ the King. And there are two preparations for His two comings, one called Advent and the other is eschatological.

The first coming of Christ came slowly; the world had to be prepared very well so that Christ could not have come earlier. The second coming, which is either each one's personal death or the glorious end of the world comes suddenly and without warning. 

Since Christ had already come the first time, it is futile to learn how to prepare for this coming. So the liturgy of the Catholic Church combines Advent and the Sundays prior to Christ the King to teach the faithful how to prepare for death and the second coming of Christ. 

The way to prepare for one's personal death and the end of the world is the same, except for a slight difference:  more preparation is needed for Christ's second coming due to the catastrophes incumbent with such an event. 

The 33rd Sunday's Gospel, year C, for instance, describes the prevalence of false teachers during the end times. "Take care not to be deceived because many will come using my name. Refuse to join them." These false teachers tend to tickle the ears of their hearer by forbidding a few easy things but allowing the desires of their passions and vices. By their attractive teachings they will attract many away from the Catholic Faith. 

St. Thomas Aquinas






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