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Today, we have recruited the help of almost everybody for the upbringing of our children, except that of God. We call for the help of government, of Catholic Schools, of psychologists…but, sad to say, to no avail. It’s because we have not called on God.

St. John Chrysostom suggests: Mothers bring up your daughters that they may be good wives to their husbands. Make them learn decorous behavior, with no dancing, laughter or vulgar talk, flutes or pipes, or any other diabolical nonsense, and always ask God to help you in all you do.

If you are successful in this, their marriages will not be marred by any cold feelings, suspicions of adultery, and opportunities for jealousy and strife. Instead, there will be peace and harmony of mind, and the other virtues will follow in its train.

When a wife and husband are at odds, their home life will be going wrong at a deep level, even if in other respects things seem to be gong smoothly.

But when they are at peace, the home is strong and sound even if a thousand storms break over each day. If our marriages are like this, we will easily be able to bring up our children to be virtuous.

For if the mother is modest, decorous, and virtuous, she will find it easy to control her husband and make him help her willingly in caring for the children, and God’s providence will help her in this.

When God joins in and cares for the children’s souls, the future will hold no ills, and the home will be well-run with the involvement of the parents.

When the whole household, of wife, children, and servants is like this, the husband will find it easy to fulfill his duty in this present life, and reach the kingdom of heaven.






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