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Parents are not the Creators of their Children

Of all physical things that are born, there is a hidden seed in whatever material things we see. Some seeds are visible to the eyes while others are hidden in a deeper level, like the seeds of the first animal and plants that existed in the world. The first animals did not have parents whose seeds produced offspring.

The first seed that is able to propagate its kind must have come from a source that we cannot see but who has the power to cause the seed to continuously propagate its kind. And though they can propagate themselves through the conjunction of male and female the first source was, itself, not from such conjunctions.

The creator of that invisible seed is God, the Creator. So we do not say that parents produce their children or the farmer their produce but by the process by which they bear children and produce farm products, the creative power of God is working from within.

It is one thing to establish and govern creation from the inmost and fundamental principle of causes, and the one who does this is God alone, and it is quite another thing to use powers and faculties given by Him to effect some external operation. It is one thing to create and another thing to give birth. Everything has already been created by God's mind; and when the suitable opportunity arises, it comes forth.

Nothing is created here on earth except by God from which nothing comes forth or dies, for in Him there is no beginning or end.

Augustine, On the Trinity, 3, 13, 16






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