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"Thou art Christ, the Son of the Living God."  That is a statement of faith.  Scriptures reminds us that the devil said something similar to that and he trembles.  This faith with an accompanying fear is not the Catholic Faith.  Our beliefs should not be based on fear of God though it can begin with it but, definitely, it must not remain that way, otherwise it would simply be like the faith of the devil.   

Peter, also, said something similar, yet Christ called him "Blessed."  His blessedness did not come from his words but from the disposition of heart.  He said it out of love for Christ.  The devil said you are the Christ, but what have we to do with you.  Peter said you are the Christ and I am ready to go with you even to death.     

Our faith must be one that worketh by Charity.  Paul said: "If I had all faith but have no charity, I am nothing."

We must have faith with charity.  If we have love, we surely have faith.  If we have faith, we do not necessarily have charity. 

Christ's exhortation for all Christians is not so much to have faith as to have love or charity;  except you have to have faith before you can have charity.  "Love God and neighbor."  Maybe our religion must not be called Catholic faith but Catholic love.  Robert Bellarmine describes charity as that with which no one is lost and without which no one is saved.       






( 10-19-10)


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