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The master, Jesus Christ, after His first coming, was to go on a long journey. So He called His servants; to one He gave five talents, to another, two, and to another one. . .to each one according to his ability.

The one who had five traded and made another five; the one with two made another two. But the third buried the money.

Christ's main warning is: "You do not know the day when the Lord will come." And then, He shows that He will come suddenly. The talents are the knowledge of Christ's commands.

The one with five talents acts with speed, not in the least negligent and doubles what he had received. He doubles his possession whoever does good to others. But he who buries the talent is he who cares only for his own benefit and not for that of others. . .and he is condemned.

He buries his treasures on the earth who uses his talents for earthly affairs. 

Those who double their talents were referred to as faithful and good. He is good who imparts his own goodness to his neighbors. Whether five or two, each servant did their jobs perfectly since they did well what they were given to do.

Yes, God is hard or exacting. Good superiors are hard, not cruel It is exacting to look for obedience from men for God did not create obedience within man, nor did He sow in him an obedient disposition. God gave man a free will and that is contrary to obedience. So, the unfaithful servant was right when he said: You reap where you have not sown, i.e. You require an obedient disposition from all men, although You have implanted in no man an obedient disposition.

The talent was to be loaned to bankers--bankers because an accounting will be exacted, too, from them. 

And what is the increase demanded by the master? The talents are the words of Christ; the increase that must come from the disciples is the works. . .the good works. So, God, seeing there are no works, removes also the knowledge of the words of Christ.

The diligent draws to himself the greater gifts; the slothful loses the gift itself, though he appears to still have it.

Blessed Theophylact







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