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Many good men suffer much at their last moments. It is because they resemble cooked meat that still needs to be cooked a little longer before being eaten. Certain faithful are thus tried in their last moments as to be free from all impurities before the Lord. St. Stephen and all the martyrs suffered before dying. Job and David suffered great tribulations.


Sinners, in fact, die quickly without having undergone sufferings in this world. All their sufferings are reserved for them in hell.

Thus, one day, Theodore was sitting in the assembly room. He heard angel voices singing a melodious song in the air above. He rose and asked St. Pachomius what it was  all about. Pachomius answered, "It is a good soul that has left its body with which they are passing over above us." While they were speaking, they looked up together and they saw the good soul. They knew who he was.


St. Pachomius, Koinonia, G. 93b







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