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Since death is the end of life, a good death is the finale of a good life. Everyone who lives well up to the end cannot die badly. He who lives badly will die badly and  if one has never lived well, he is liable to die badly.


But how could the thief who lived a bad life end up with a good death? He lived a good portion of his life, while on the cross, in a holy manner. . .he openly defended Christ from the calumnies of the wicked and corrected his own blaspheming companion, "Do you not even fear God. . .we are receiving what our deeds deserve; but this man has done nothing wrong." He entered the vineyard late, but entered he did.


However, it is dangerous to put off conversion from sins until the end of life. Happier are they who carry the yoke of God's law "from their youth."


Let our first thesis remain that the rule of dying well depends upon the rule of living well.


St. Robert Bellarmine













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