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Paganism is based on two beliefs:  belief in slavery and belief in the importance of material goods.  Pagan tribes attacked prosperous cities to acquire their goods and capture slaves.  Europe was pagan at the time of the birth of Christ.    

The teachings of Christ, as preached by the Apostles and their successors, presented the importance of heavenly goods over earthly goods.  And Christ's teaching of love of neighbor is what made lords release their slaves while making the slaves loyal to their lords. Suddenly, spiritual goods were everybody's main goal and slaves became serfs.  It was the beginning of the golden age of Europe because Europe was going to be united by a spiritual force and not an economic or social force.  And Catholicism, not mere Christianity, forged this unity.    

Today, we have returned to paganism, even among Catholics.  Slavery has returned with a vengeance.  When a family has to depend on one employer, just because he has more money, for the sustenance and needs of his family to the point that, if removed from his job, the family can starve, isn't that clearly slavery?  In our modern society, the employee is literally the slave of the employer.  His employer can cut his lifeline any second by firing him.  And this, often, is within Catholic companies.







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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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