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The teachings of the Catholic Church have remained clear and distinct and well founded from the beginning until now.  If you ask the Church what her teachings are, it remains pure.  But when you question the faithful and the clergy, their answers are overlaid with superstition.    

For example, the teaching on the Invocation of Saints is clear.  But, today, there is so much emphasis on visiting the saint's image here and there when it is sufficient to invoke them at home.    

Again, the efficacy of the mass for the souls in purgatory is well-founded.  But to believe that the mass said here is more efficacious than the one there is pure superstition.  Belief is placed on mechanical observance rather than in the spiritual force.

Our Lady will hear our prayers at home; we don't have to go to Lourdes or Fatima.

One teaching that was greatly overlaid with superstition that caused the final catastrophe in the middle ages is the attitude toward Indulgence.

The concept of Indulgence is clear.  Holy men and women have, sort of, surpluses in their good deeds, as Christ, Himself, had an infinite amount of surpluses which Church authorities can apply for the benefit of others.  This concept is basic in the act of Redemption in that this is how others are saved by the merits of Christ.  To apply the merits of surpluses for the benefit of others is an indulgence.

By the middle ages, the true concept of indulgence was completely dead; and it turned into superstitious mechanical service.  For example,  if you give money to build a church, you can obtain spiritual benefits for the salvation of your soul without having to repent. 

Attacks on the Church are attacks on these superstitious practices.  If these are removed, there will be nothing to attack except the truth and the beauty in the Catholic Church.







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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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