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        Who are those who do not believe?  Those who go to Christ and ask Him:  "Lord, what must we do to be saved?"  Christ says:  "Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me."  And they say:  "No way.  I won't deny myself.  I want to do my will even if it is contrary to God's will. "    

        If a patient goes to a physician and says, "Cure my pneumonia."  And the physician says, "Drink antibiotics." And he says, "No way."  There is no way by which he will ever be cured because of his refusal.  If I say this is the way to the South and you say Ill go where I want, I'll go North, you will never reach the South.   

        The same goes with the Christian soul.  If Christ says this is the way and you take another way, you are lost and, by your very act, have caused for yourself to deserve condemnation.   

        If the patient dies because he does not take medicine, it is not the doctor's fault.  He has condemned himself to death by his negligence.  In the same way, a soul's condemnation is not from God.  He brings it upon himself.









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