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Reverence has some element of fear.  But this is not the slavish or worldly kind of fear.  It is a reverential fear of someone of immense greatness and power. 

Today, we live in a Christian society that disowns the duty of reverence.  Yet, as children of the Church, reverence is a special inheritance.  Sadly, we have little of it and do not feel the want of it. 

Unfortunately, the few who have it usually are ashamed of it, consider it a mark of weakness of mind and, when censured, cannot defend themselves on intelligible grounds.  They wish to show reverence in their mode of speaking and acting in relation to sacred things but are afraid to contradict modern style of behavior. 

This want of fear is a sign of want of Faith. 

Little gestures in the Catholic faith shows this Faith; like coming often to prayer shows your constant awareness of a Great Being.  To kneel at prayer when our condition allows shows more reverence than sitting down.  To visit the Blessed Sacrament is evident sign of faith in our beliefs.  To  behave during mass and in the house of God would show reverence based on fear in the presence of God. 









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