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A woman's true sphere of action is within the family circle. He who would substitute anything else frustrates his true nature, disrupts the providential plan of God and creates serious problems for society at large. A woman's influence outside depends on her success inside the family.

Satan knew the importance of the woman; he struck at her and destroyed Adam and the human race. His tactic hasn't changed. Today, mothers are losing their children to ravening wolves. The mother is at fault; she is not religious enough to fashion characters strong enough to withstand the seductions of the word. . .and, probably, the local Church and Catholic schools who are failures in producing deeply religious mothers.

The great women saints of the Church are unparalleled in character and achievement even up to the present; St. Clotilda, St. Bertha and St. Catherine of Sienna would put any male to shame. St. Brigid, Magdalene de Pazzi, Teresa of Avila, Jane Frances de Chantal, Frances Cabrini, Mary Mazzarello actually put bishops to shame. Even the great St. Francis of Assisi had to go to Clare for advice.

St. Basil, Gregory Nazianzus, John Chrysostom and Jerome were nourished by deeply religious mothers. A preacher as effective as Catherine of Alezandria is still to be found. The Eucharistic Congress, a splendid celebration, is traced to the humble Juliana of Liege. And St. Bernadette, alone, did more to restore Christian zeal in France than both secular and religious clergy.

Women should never aspire to the honors of becoming priests or bishops because history has shown their achievements surpassing priests and bishops. . .unless, of course, they are so debased that they want mere honors. So, Christian woman, play your Christian role well for your role is indispensable for the welfare of the Church.

Venerable James Alberione








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