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It makes no difference whether it is a life already born that one snatches away or a life that is coming to birth that one destroys. The future man is a man already; the whole fruit is present in the seed.


* * *


There are also women among you who, by taking certain drugs, destroy the beginnings of the future human being while it is still in the womb and, therefore, are guilty of infanticide before they are mothers.

Minucius Felix


* * *




Today, people love euphemism wherein they use nice words for very evil things. Of course, this gives it a journalistic appeal. They talk of free love when they really mean free lust. They insist on talking about birth control when they mean less birth and no control. 


G. K. Chesterton


* * *



Scrooge utters all the sophistries by which the age of machinery has tried to turn the virtue of charity into vice.  He belongs not only to the hard times of the middle of the nineteenth century, but to the harder times of the beginning of the twentieth century, the yet harder times in which we live. Many amiable sociologists will say, as Scrooge said, "Let them die and decrease the surplus population." The improved version proposal is that they should die before they are born.

G. K. Chesterton

* * *







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