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An unceasing war exists between the heavenly city and the earthly city;  this is the war between the fallen angels and the holy angels.  Both cities were established before the creation of man.  

With the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan introduced his city into human history.  But, with the teaching of repentance, the city of God was established which was destined to conquer the city of Satan at the end of time.  

The City of God is founded and moved by love of God which fundamentally unites its citizens to God and, as a consequence, to each other in a communion of saints.  They live in agreement as to the truths  they profess and the faith they live.  Humility, truth, patience and love of God is their driving force.  

The city of Satan is ruled by self-love, pride and the lust for domination.  Its driving force is love of self unto the contempt of God.  The City of God is moved by the love of God unto the contempt of self.  The city of Satan  glories in itself; the City of God glories in the Lord.  The former seeks glory from men, the latter's full glory is found in God.  The former glories in its own wisdom, the latter in the incorruptible wisdom of God.  

Cain symbolizes the city of Satan;  Abel, the City of God.  Cain symbolizes the world;  he slew his own brother, he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning and he hated Abel for no other reason than that Abel was good and pleasing to God.  So, Cain built cities in this world.  

Abel built no city;  he was a pilgrim, just passing through on his way to the heavenly city.  Cain, because he was wicked, was meant to wage war against Abel. And so, the city of Satan will always attempt to destroy the City of God by war and temptations and persecutions.  

Abel, symbolized by the City of God, prefigures the Holy Angels in their fidelity;  it prefigures Christ as the innocent victim in death;  and it prefigures the Church, persecuted because of its fidelity to God. . .for ALL THE GOOD shall be hated without cause.  

The City of God, like Abel, uses the world and its creatures that they may glorify God and enter into the joy of the Lord.  The city of Satan, like Cain, uses the world for its own enjoyment and aggrandizement;  it abuses God in order to increase its enjoyment, power and control over the world.  The city of Satan--the devils and all evil men behave identically. . .they want the citizens of the City of God to cease doing God's will and instead do their own will.  

The City of God on earth, unlike the City of God in heaven, cannot prevent the entry of evil and treacherous members.  

St. Augustine








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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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