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This is the simple formula to be holy and enter the Kingdom of God. It is all we have to do to become saints. . . nothing else. The problem is knowing God's will. Most often we choose our will and call it God's will. 

All spiritual writers, like the Imitation and the writings of  St. Francis de Sales, describe how to go about it. It is sometimes referred to as resignation to God's will

The whole gist of the matter lies in the will. It is not a question of how much we know, how clever we are, or even how good. It all depends upon the heart's love. . .which resides in the will. 

External actions are the result of love; love, so to speak, comes from the heart that is the seat of the free will. And holiness consists in that the will always desires that which is good. . .and only God is good. 

The kingdom of God within us consists in always willing whatever God wills. . .wholly and unreservedly. This is how 'Thy kingdom come' is fulfilled. And 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." We become identified with Him. . . we become one with Him.

Blessed are the poor in Spirit. . .who are these? Those who strip themselves of all they can call their own, even their will; for this is to be truly poor in spirit. To will only what He wills and desiring nothing which He does not will. With this, nothing can happen to you except God's will. . . thus, you will find unfailing comfort and rest in submitting to His will and pleasure. 

When your will is conformed to that of God, you will feel nothing to be an unbearable evil; for everything, even the most cruel sufferings, will "turn to good" for you. Who would call evil the sorrows which God lays on him with a view to purify and make him fit for Himself? He who works out such exceeding good cannot be evil. 

Cast all your cares into the bosom of your loving Father. Let Him do as He sees fit with you. 

God gave you a free will so that you may have something to give back in return. There is nothing we can call our own than our free will. . .nothing else is ours. Health, wealth and mental powers can easily be taken away. . .only our own will remains ours. And it is this that God is jealous of, for He gave it, not that we should use it as our own but, that we might restore it to Him, wholly and undividedly. Whoever holds back any particle of reluctance or desire as his right defrauds his Maker, to whom all is due. 



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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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