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When a family falls into poverty, it may be compelled to borrow money in order to survive. But if the lender charges interest on the loan, then that family will fall deeper into the pit; not only will they have to repay the loan but also the interest that accumulates on it.

The lender may pretend, even to himself, that he is acting kindly; but in fact, behind the guise of charity he is acting with extreme malice. He is trading on the calamities of others; he is demanding a material reward for an act of charity, and so turning it into robbery.

He seems to be beckoning the poor family into a safe harbor, but in truth he is tacking ship unto the rocks.

The lender may ask: "Why should I lend to others money that is useful to me, and demand no reward for it?" My answer is that you shall receive a reward: in return for the gold you lend on earth, you shall receive gold in heaven at a far greater rate of interest than you could ever imagine.

St. John Chrysostom




(updated 07-02-02)


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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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