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ON MALICE (On Remembrance of Wrongs)

The remembrance of wrongs, real or imaginary, has senseless anger for its mother. It is the keeper of sin. It hates a just way of life. It is turning away from love.

It is a pleasure-less feeling cherished in the sweetness of bitterness. It is a never-ending sin, an unsleeping wrong, a dark and loathsome passion.

He who conquers anger wipes out the remembrance of wrongs since, killing the mother, you kill the offspring.

A loving man banishes revenge; but a man remembering wrong stores up troublesome labor for himself.

Remembrance of wrongs rises from an extravagant table which brings forth license; then gluttony replaces love. This is one tiny step from fornication.

If you must remember wrongs, think only of the wrongs the devil has done to you. He makes your body an ungrateful and treacherous friend. The more you care for it, the more it hurts you.

Malice twists the words of Scriptures to suit itself. Malice is gone only when you do not rejoice at the misfortune of him who has offended you.

To remove malice, see what your sin did to Jesus. Embrace malice and you will have no forgiveness.

To forget wrongs is proof you are repentant. To remember wrongs is proof of an unrepentant soul. 

St. John Climacus





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