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St.  Louis became King of France at 13. He ruled by the Sermon on the Mount, and was most compassionate to the poor. From the  Crusades, he brought the crown of thorns and enshrined it at the Saint-Chapelle in Paris. He wrote this letter to his son while leading the second crusade in 1270, on his death bed. 



"My son, always set your heart to love God, otherwise, you will not be saved. Avoid all mortal sins and suffer every torment rather than commit mortal sins.


When adversity comes, receive it with patience, believing you deserve it. And it will be of benefit to you. If God sends you prosperity, be humble and thankful, so you don't come out worse. Never fight God with His own gift. 


Confess often to a confessor who will tell you exactly your defects and what you must do. Go to Mass without chattering; and pray to God with your heart and lips, especially at the consecration. Help the poor, the miserable, and the afflicted.


When you have a great burden, talk to a worthy man who is not full of vain words. This will ease your burden.


Be with men loyal  to the Church; avoid licentiousness. Avoid the covetous. Listen willingly to the Word of God and keep it diligently. Love all that is good, hate all that is evil. 


Resist anyone bold to speak evil in your presence, or speak ill of others, or disparage God or His saints. Always give thanks to God for all He has given you.


Finally, cause Masses to be sung for my soul and prayers to be said through the realm; and share with me some of your good  works.


I bless you. May God and His saints defend you from all evil. May you always do His will . And may we both  be with Him after this mortal life."








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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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