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(St. Crispina was a high-class African wife and the mother of several children beheaded for the Faith in 304.)


The pagan Anullinus said: "If you refuse to worship our gods, I shall order your head cut off."

"I should be very happy to lose my head for the sake of my God," replied Crispina, "for I refuse to sacrifice to these silly, deaf and dumb gods."


"My God, who is now and will be forever, ordered my birth. He gave me salvation through the saving waters of baptism. He is at my side, helping me and strengthening me in everything so that I will not commit sacrilege."


Anullinus read the sentence from a tablet: "Seeing that Crispina has persisted in scandalous  superstition and refuses to sacrifice to our gods, I order her executed with the sword."


Crispina replied: "I bless God who has so chosen to free me from your hands. Thanks be to God!"


And, making the sign of the cross on her forehead and stretching out her neck, she was beheaded for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.








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