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ST. EDITH OF WILTON (900 a.d.)


In Edith's time, it was the practice to send children to monasteries to be brought up. Edith, daughter of King Edgar, was sent to Wilton Abbey, England, right after being born.


At fifteen, she made her religious profession and her parents gave lots of gold and jewelry to the monastery as a dowry. Shortly after, her own mother became the Abbess of the monastery, but Edith insisted on  being given the lowest task in the monastery. 


As members of her family died, she was called to be queen, but she refused and remained a nun. Edith built a church at Wilton dedicated to St. Dunstan. During the mass, St. Dunstan wept because it was revealed to him that Edith would die soon. Forty three days later, Edith died suddenly. 








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