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In the Old Testament, a skin rash was a sign that a person is a sinner and thus unclean. The skin rash could be any skin disease; from ringworm to dandruff. In fact, mildew in one's clothing was a sign of uncleanness or sinfulness thus the clothing had to be burned. 


And one of the skin diseases was leprosy. Any leper knew he was a sinner in the eyes of God and unclean in the eyes of men. So he had to cover himself with tattered cloths and exclaim, "Unclean, unclean," when people approached him.


The leper's prayer showed his great faith. . .in that he approached Christ as God and not as a physician or a financier. He did not ask Christ to cure him or, as we would do, ask for financial assistance. "Lord, if Thou wilt. . ." You are God and may Your will be done. When we pray, don't we often tell God what is our will rather than find out God's will?  


The leper was interested in God's will. "Not my will, O Lord." Your will is always best for me. I want the best, so let Your will be accomplished in me. What I want I can never know if it is good for me. 


He further showed his acknowledgment of Christ as God -- he first adored and paid homage to Him. 


Then Christ touched him to show that there is nothing unclean except sin. He used spittle to perform His miracle to show that He always chooses the lowly thing, like spittle, to accomplish great things. He teaches us that leprosy of the body is no obstacle to virtue. It is sin that is the obstacle. 


The Church, the virgin Bride of Christ, must be spotless. So let us pay homage to and adore Christ and pray as the leper did, "Lord, never my will but Your will be done." Then, maybe, we can become part of the Church of Christ. 






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