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Unceasing Prayer

Unceasing prayer in not saying words without ceasing; but rather it is in the intention of the soul and in acts of virtue. 

When thou sittest down to table, pray.  When thou takest food, give thanks to Him who gave it to thee. When the time of taking food has passed, let not the memory of the merciful Giver pass too. 

When thou puttest on thy coat, thank Him who gave it thee, and increase thy love to Him who provided thee with garments fit for both winter and summer.  If the day is over, thank Him who gave the sun for the service of our daily work and another fire to lighten the night and serve the rest of the needs of life. 

Let night afford other suggestions of prayer. When thou lookest up to heaven, and seest the beauty of the stars, pray to the Lord of all things seen, and adore the Lord of all things seen and adore the Divine Artist of the whole, who in wisdom hath made all.  And when thou seest all living things buried in sleep, then again worship Him who even against our will breaks off by sleep the stress of our toil and, by a short respite, restores our strength. 

Pray without ceasing by the conduct of your life so uniting yourself to God that thy very existence is an unceasing prayer. 

St. Basil 







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