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We have seen the three theological virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity. We have seen the three moral virtues: Piety, sobriety and justice. Now let us see the three works of the virtues: prayer, fasting and good works. Piety, like prayer, has to do with God. Sobriety, like fasting, has to do with oneself. And justice, like good works, has to do with our neighbors. 


Though God knows what we need, He insists that we pray. "You must always pray and never lose heart."


We can really pray in public or in secret. Whatever we do, we must never do so for vainglory.


Prayer enlightens the mind. He who fixes his eyes upon God will surely be enlightened. Prayer nourishes the virtues. He who often talks to Him increases in holiness. Prayer enkindles love; for as often as you talk to Him, the more love grows. And prayer increases humility and fear; for prayer makes us realize we are beggars. And he who needs God's help in all things is most careful to avoid offending Him. Prayer makes us despise all temporal things; for he who looks at God inevitably considers all earthly things as cheap. In prayer, one tastes the sweetness of the Lord. 


St. Robert Bellarmine






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