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There is nothing worse than that man should measure and judge divine things by human reasoning. It's like looking at the sun with human eyes.  You will be injured.

Many cannot see the glory of the cross; they see it more as a subject of shame: "God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Remain human in your reasoning and you shall be ashamed of sufferings. "Be not ashamed of the testimony of the Lord." Be not ashamed that thou preachest One that was crucified. 

Ordinarily, imprisonment, death, chains are matters of shame and reproach. But if the cause is for Christ's sake, it is full of dignity and matter for boasting. It was these things that saved the world. 

"Be thou partakers of the afflictions of the Gospel. . .Be not ashamed if you suffer the same things. I, Paul, raised the dead, performed miracles, but was also imprisoned, not as a malefactor but, for the sake of Him who was crucified. If you always remain human, you will refuse to suffer. 

Your part is to choose and to be zealous; God's part is to alleviate sufferings and bid them cease. So we indeed are saved by the power of God. We have nothing to fear. He saved us when we were enemies and sinners. Won't He save us when He sees us working to be good? He saves us from His own goodness. 

St. John Chrysostom, "On Tim." 2 Tim. 1, 8-10




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