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All men seek happiness. There are no exceptions. St. Thomas Aquinas states that all acts of men, though different, strive towards this goal.

When he goes to war or refuses to go to war, when he keeps himself healthy or hangs himself, his goal is to be happy. Yet, all these years, no one has ever reached this goal except those with Faith. Without Faith, we see kings, princes, commoners, old, sick, learned, ignorant, full of complaints. 

One thing is clear to mankind . . . he is incapable of attaining happiness by his own efforts. 

Man's craving for happiness shows that, once upon a time, man had it; and that all that remains is its container within us which gives us the craving to replenish it . . . but, sadly, from those around him that are of no help. This craving is an infinite abyss and can only be filled with Someone Infinite.

God alone is man's true good and happiness; and, since man abandoned Him, God saw to it that nothing in nature can give man happiness-- the sky, the elements, plants, cabbages, apples, adultery, incest. Having abandoned his true happiness, man is condemned to look for happiness in anything, even in his own destruction.

Only God can make man happy because He alone can be possessed by all without fear of losing Him against His will. Only He can fill up the infinite void in this desire natural to man. And, through Faith, man acquires the beginnings of happiness. 





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