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TAKE HEED (Cor. X: 1-6; 12) 

The Jews did not profit from the wonders God worked for them in the desert; and we, Christians, are, likewise, not profiting from the baptism and sharing of the bread  and wine.  The Jews "ate manna and drank from the water,"-- shadows of the Mysteries of the water and wine.  But they proved to be unworthy of those gifts.   

God rained wonders on the Jews; the Jews should have shown signs they were worthy. . .through a reformed way of life, a life of obedience to His commands.  But since they showed none of these, God did not spare them but destroyed them with a double vengeance;  firstly, they did not enter the land promised to them and, secondly, they were severely punished.  

This should be an example to us.  The gifts are figures and the punishments are figures.  We should not lust after evil things, otherwise, we also shall be punished. . .and more severely.  

"Avoid lusting for evil things and idolatry."  For lusting easily leads to idolatry.  Others sin due to ignorance; others, from gluttony, fornication and murmuring.  

It is not enough for Christians to suffer; they must suffer nobly to bear the things that come with all gladness.  To endure calamity with a bad grace is deserving of punishment.  

The above advice is for our instruction upon whom "the ends of the ages are come."  For the calamities at the end times will be the worst; we shall suffer great persecutions.  And for us who have received numerous blessings, the punishment shall be more severe.  "Wherefore, let him that thinketh he standeth take heed, lest he fall."    

St. John Chrysostom, "On Cor." (3rd Sunday of Lent, C)







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