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A Program of Spiritual Formation for Candidates to the Priesthood

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1. Norms for priestly formation. This contains the new edition of the RATIO FUNDAMENTALIS INSTITUTIONIS SACERDOT ALIS. 4th edition, 1995 of the Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education.

2. Directives concerning the preparation of seminary educators. Qualities of seminary educators, the roles of rectors, spiritual directors, teachers and the place of lay men and women and permanent deacons. Congregation for Catholic Education.

3. The formation of priests in the circumstances of the present day. Pastores Dabo Vobis. Pope John Paul II (PDV) 1992, Vatican City, Libreria Vaticana.

4. The formation of priests in circumstances of the present day. Lineamenta for the 1990 Synod of Bishops in Rome.

5. Instruction on the study of the Fathers of the Church in the formation of priests. Congregation for Catholic Education.

6. Spiritual formation in the Catholic seminary. From the Secretariat of the U.S. bishops Committee on Priestly Formation.

7. Presbyterorum Ordinis: Decree on the ministry and life of priests. Vatican II.

8. Optatam Totius Ecclesiae Renovationem: Decree on priestly training, (1965) Reiterated that the Fathers of the Synod have pursued the work begun by the Council of Trent in the renewal of the program for the formation of priests.

9. Decree on priestly formation. Vatican II (NCCB), 4th edition, 1992.

10. Ad Catholici Sacerdotii: Pope Pius XI

11. Potissimum Institutioni: Directives on formation of religious institutes. Congregation for institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life.

12. The Virgin Mary in intellectual and spiritual formation. Redemptoris Mater. John Paul II (1987). Letter from the Congregation for Catholic Education, Rome, 25 March 1988, by William Cardinal Baum

13. Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. Act and Decrees of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines, Manila. PCP II, 1992


1. Schuth, Katarina. 1989. Reason for Hope, the Future of Roman Catholic Theologates. An extensive study of seminaries.

2. ______________. 1999. Seminaries, Theologates and the Future of Church Ministries.

3. St. John Vianney Theological Seminary of the Archdiocese of Denver; "New Venture in Evangelization".

4. The Redemptoris Mater seminaries of the Neocathecumenal way.

5. Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary of the Fraternity of St. Peter founded by the Holy See in 1988.

6. "Madonna House" in Canada

7. St. Gregory the Great Seminary in the Diocese of Lincoln, Denver.

8. ACCUS Theological Institute, a school of ministry and theology established primarily for the training of priests and deacons for service in the U.S. The American Catholic Church in the United States,

9. Hemrich, Eugene F. and James J. Walsh. 1993. Seminaries in the Nineties - a national study of seminarians in theology. Washington, DC: National Catholic Education Association.


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