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A Program of Spiritual Formation for Candidates to the Priesthood

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a. This is a program aimed at the spiritual formation of seminarians.

b. The other aspects of seminary life, like the academic program, daily schedule, grooming and dress code, recreation, seminarians' rooms, supplies and laundry, food services, health services, mails, telephone and seminary assignments, will be left to each seminary as they are already doing.

c. But our hope is that these other aspects of seminary life will gradually adjust to the lessons on spirituality to become aids in the development of their spiritual lives. This will unify the curriculum, which right now is fragmented in that Professors are doing things much their own way without considering what the others are teaching or any attempt at unity of doctrine. We must aim at unity of teachings and way of life. In fact, we must have only one aim.

d. This program is "ideal" only within its limitation, in that it is to be incorporated in existing seminary programs that could have harmful or contradicting elements to the spiritual life. The real "ideal" program is that all aspects of seminary life are geared towards the development of the spiritual lives of the seminarians.

e. This course presumes that the seminarians have a relatively sound mind and reasoning. And there is nothing we can think of that can accomplish this end than a return to the writings of St. Thomas of Aquinas on Scholastic philosophy. Thomism is the soundest thinking philosophy because it is philosophy under the guidance of Divine Revelation and written by a saint. No other philosophy can brag of this. If we want to ordain holy priests why give them books written by non-saints or even protestant philosophers?





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