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A priest must show order and consistency in his words and moderation in his deeds; then he will always be proper in his behaviour.  

He must be pleasant in speaking so as to win the good will of the listener.  He must not flatter or desire to be flattered; the former is the mark of feminine affectation, the latter is the mark of vanity.  

Do not look down on a good man.  To disregard a good man's judgment is a sign of conceitedness that comes from pride and carelessness.  

Then, consider your passion and your reason which checks your passion and makes it obedient to itself.  Your reason must direct the passion and carefully teach it to know what ought to be done and what ought to be avoided.  You must have a good reason for all your actions.  Others will always want to know the reason for your actions.  

By nature, the passions are subject to reason and obedient to it.  So, be watchful that your passions do not go ahead of reason nor forsake it.  Otherwise, you will be in total confusion, your mind will be disquieted, your soul perturbed, reason lost, and your countenance inflamed with anger and lust and fear.      

St. Ambrose: Duties of the Clergy, Chapter 47  







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