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Proponents of married priesthood state that celibacy does not belong to the nature of the priesthood. And they are right. Celibacy is inherent in the nature of Catholicism. Remove celibacy and there goes the Catholic Church.

St. Paul wrote: "I would that all men were even as myself." To the unmarried and the widow, ". . .to continue as I am." For he that is without a wife is solicitous for the things that belong to God, how he may please God.

"But he that is with a wife is solicitous for the things of the world, how he may please his wife. . ." and probably other wives, too. But the unmarried. . .thinks of the things of God, how to be holy in body and soul.

Now, isn't the above a clear exhortation to be celibates?

Christian perfection requires the removal of whatever hinders man from devoting himself entirely to God. And marriage hinders the mind from totally serving God, firstly, because of its vehement delectation which, by frequent repetition, increases concupiscence and the solicitude for his wife and children. Celibacy removes this hindrance.

Celibacy has its origin from Christ: "There are eunuchs who made themselves such for the kingdom of heaven." And Christ invited also the married to be eunuchs. So, while Christ called Peter, a married man, to perfection by becoming a eunuch, He commanded John, an unmarried man, to remain single. 

All Christian marriages begin as a carnal relationship; but they must grow and mature into chastity and, eventually, celibacy. Because the chastity of celibacy is more pleasing to God than the chastity of marriage. And, since the following of Christ requires that we do not turn back, the celibacy of the unmarried ought to be confirmed by a vow: "No man, putting his hand on the plough and looks back, is fit for the kingdom of God."







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