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Nothing has greater effect in gaining goodwill than giving advice; but none can trust it unless it rests on justice and prudence. How conspicuous these two virtues were in Solomon as shown by his well-known judgment.

Love, confidence and giving advice makes one worthy of admiration. Confidence is given to those whose advice is based on prudence and justice. One will only ask advice from one who is wiser. No one will go to him who is less wise. 

To whom must we give our confidence? To him who has vigor of character and shines by his example. To him who has learned well from his experiences. To him who can warn us of immediate dangers. To him who can give relief, give advice on time and also give help.

To such a man, we can entrust our safety and our reputation; because he is just, we fear no deceit from him; because he is prudent, we fear no error. But we entrust ourselves more to a just man than to a merely prudent man. Ordinarily prudence exists always with justice.

Solomon showed his justice and prudence in that he entered into the mother's heart and saw by her choice that she was the true mother. Before Solomon's wisdom the true mother's feelings were laid bare.

Solomon's prayer was thus: he asked for a prudent heart that he may judge with justice. 

St. Ambrose, Duties of the Clergy, Chapter VIII, Book II







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