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     The end is no longer to be delayed; for these things are even at the door.  We know not whether, in even this our generation, the death of all things temporal may not arrive, and that dreadful day dawn -- the day of judgment, for the greater part of the signs of that day are before us; the Gospel is preached in all lands; we have had wars, and earthquakes, and famine; and what beside is there to intervene. 

     As when night is ending and day beginning, before the sun rises there is a sort of twilight, while the remains of the departing darkness are changing perfectly into the radiance of the day which succeeds; so the end of the world is already mingling with the commencement of the next, and the very gloom of what remains has begun to be illuminated with the incoming of things spiritual. 

Sts. Cyprian and Chrysostom 










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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

                                                                                         - Teresa of Avila


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