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In every era in the past, someone was always pointed to as the anti-Christ. God has, indeed, allowed many anti-Christs to precede the ultimate anti-Christ. While the Protestants have always been interested in this our greatest enemy, Catholics have always been dismally ignorant of him. 

Also, Abbot of Moutier-en-Der states that the anti-Christ will be opposed to Christ in every respect. But, before this, he will parallel the figure and life of Christ. The anti-Christ will ape Christ to deceive even the faithful but will oppose Christ in every doctrine.

While Christ is humble, he will be proud. While Christ came to lead sinners to repentance, he will glorify sinners. Christ glorified the Father; he will glorify himself.

Both Christ and the anti-Christ were born of Jewish parents. While Christ's mother is a virgin, the anti-Christ's mother is a prostitute feigning virginity. Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit; the anti-Christ's mother will be possessed by the devil.

Also, the anti-Christ will be born in Babylon, instructed in Bethsaida and Corozain by malignant spirits. His first converts will be kings and princes; his influence will be from sea to sea. He will use miracles, gifts and terror to influence men. His followers will be marked on the forehead. But he will be unmasked for what he is by Enoch and Elias. He will deceive people, primarily by imitating the traits and powers of Christ: ". . .sicut in Christo. . .ita in anti-Christo." He will excel in his hypocrisy by showing humility and meekness.

St. Hippolytus sets forth the following parallels: "Christ is a lion; he will also be a lion. Christ is a king; he will be a king. Christ was circumcised; he will also be circumcised. Christ had apostles; he will also have apostles. Christ gathered the scattered sheep; he will do so, in like manner. Christ seals with the Holy Spirit those who follow Him; he will also seal his followers. Christ appeared in the form of a man; he will also appear as a man."

Origen points out: "There is the word Christ and the word anti-Christ. There is Christ the Truth and anti-Christ the counterfeit truth. There is the wisdom that is Christ and the false wisdom that is the anti-Christ. All the virtues are in Christ; all the counterfeit virtues are in the anti-Christ.

The story of the anti-Christ is summarized in a Latin play, dated 1160, found in the monastery of Tegernsee in Upper Bavaria. The anti-Christ enters accompanied by Hypocrisy and Heresy. He charges these two to corrupt both the laity and the clergy. Then he conquers all the kings of the earth using threats, bribes, deceits and miracles. Enoch and Elias arrive and unmask the anti-Christ and convert many back into the faith. Enraged, the anti-Christ kills the prophets and persecutes the converts. Complacent in his seeming victory, he is struck by lightning and thrown straight to hell.






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