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Christian Mothering is a professional job and the children are the proof of the pudding. We amateurs must try to stick around these professionals and pick up a few tips from them. And who are these professionals?

While reading the lives of Saints, I discovered that they had MOTHERS. And some of these mothers had themselves become great saints, reformers, founders and mystics. These are the professionals.

Christian motherhood is something more than just giving birth; it is building the Church, it is saving souls, it is raising up saints. Why, it is the very work of Christ! This is what mothers of saints do; and these mothers seem to have the most excitement, joy and fun.

One common characteristic of mothers of saints was how much THEY PRAYED for their children's salvation and spiritual well-being. Only in heaven will you discover how much good prayer made for your children has done.

For these mothers, character formation was second only to religious instruction. And their activity was teaching the children on helping the poor. Works of mercy was the main part of their life.

To be a mother of a saint does not simply mean leaving your children awake or asleep in bed at night or dressing up simply or elegantly. They did all these things. It just goes deeper. Mothers of saints loved God more than their children. That's why they loved their children so much. As such, they are the superstars of man's existence.

Christian mothering is more difficult today. So we need good teachers; and who else can be better than the mothers of the saints?

When your son grabs his younger sister's toy, how do you teach unselfishness? Will you tell your boy to return the toy and apologize or will you encourage your girl to give up the toy? Naturally, you only have one choice and this choice will teach one to be generous while teaching the other to be selfish. Only by being spiritual can you teach both to be unselfish.

Mothers of saints come from different backgrounds; some from harsh parents, others from kind parents. Some from rich, others from poor backgrounds. Some were only daughters, others from large families. Their past seems to have no say in the making of a mother of a saint.

To be the mother of a saint does not just happen.  You work hard for it. And the effect can be seen on the husband, children and those around. Holy mothering, after all, is a mission from God. Two hundred years of good Scottish kings was credited to the holy mothering of St. Margaret of Scotland. An appreciative scribble found in Zelie and Louie Martin's tomb reads: "Thank you dear parents for giving us a Saint to look after us."

We hope to share with you the life of some mothers of saints for your edification and imitation.

from Mothers of the Saints






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