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Christ was born into a family that He may teach us how our families must be.  He did not need a family to be born, just as Adam and Eve were born without parents.

It is said that, while children are born for their parents, the parents of Christ were born for their child.  God sculptured Joseph and Mary to be the perfect parents for His Son, Jesus.  And so, parents should have the same attitude: that they were created to sanctify their children.  This is the primary reason they were created.  Abortion is borne upon a completely wrong concept of marriage and family life. 

And, while Mary was nourishing the baby Child, she knew it was the Baby who was nourishing her.  And, while Joseph was protecting the Child, he knew for certain that it was the God-Child who was protecting him.  Parents should realize that it is not they who are caring for and protecting their child; it is God.  And due gratitude must be given to God. 

Joseph and Mary obeyed God's command simply because it is God's command.  They didn't look for other reasons.  So when Joseph received in a dream a message to flee to Egypt, he knew this Child was a God and there was no need to flee.  He saw how the shepherds had seen angels who could defend the Child.  He went to Egypt because they were told to do so.  We must know for certain what are the commands of Christ. . . then obey them without question.

John Cardinal Newman






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