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The wedding feast signifies the end times that should be met by the faithful with nuptial joy. Like the preceding Sunday, the King is God who invited many to His wedding feast. And all his messengers were maltreated.

When we die as humans, God appears to us in human form; when we die as gods, God appears as God.

Those who were not extreme merely declined the invitation. One went his way to his own field, that is, turned towards a life of pleasure and carnal pursuits, for one's own field is the body. Another went to his merchandise, that is, to a life of acquisition and profit, for merchants are a type of men most greedy for profit. 

The wedding feast is referred to as a "supper" or dinner since it refers to the latter times, towards evening, that is, at the end of the ages.

"Call them that are called." If we are called, why must we be called again? Well, we all have been called; yet we must be reminded over and over again.

In His anger, God sent his armies and destroyed the sinners. God uses armies, like the Romans, the Turks, the Goths to punish those that deserve it.

Then God sends His servants to invite both the good and bad; these are the people of other faiths who could be entirely evil or good in some ways.

The invitation is by grace; all are called by grace. But, thereafter, all must dress up properly, i.e. the way of life will not be without examination. After the invitation, God makes an exceedingly careful examination of those found to be sullied after entering into the faith. Faith alone does not benefit him at all.

The filthy garments are those who think greatly about themselves but are without compassion, goodness, and brotherly love. The command to the angels is "Bind his hands and feet," i.e. restrain the soul's power of action to work out its salvation. Gnashing of one's teeth is meaningless repentance.

"Many are called but few are chosen" It is God's part to call, but to become one of the chosen or not is our part. 







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