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The foolish virgins represent the Christian souls who have prayed and fasted but have not done good works. Note that the three are the ingredients of repentance.

The tarrying of the bridegroom means that the second coming does not occur immediately. To slumber means death.

A cry arises in the middle of the night. . .to show that the Lord comes when least expected, as at midnight when we all have fallen into a deep sleep. He also comes with a cry. . .for there will be a jolting approach of the second coming.

The lamp, light and oil are prayer, fasting and good works.

The foolish virgins were foolish in that they were looking for oil when there was nor more time for it.

The wise virgins answered, "There is not enough for you and us." We only have enough time for ourselves and are answerable for ourselves. Go to the seller, i.e., to the poor who are the occasion for good works.

I know you not. God does not know souls that are different from Him, He who loves and is merciful towards all men.

God, in His goodness, has given us a lighted lamp. It is for us simply to provide it with extra oil to keep it lighted. The wise virgins did exactly that; the foolish did not make provisions for extra oil.

St. Theophylact






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