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Dearest Sister Florentina,

Your holy reading must be continuous and your praying uninterrupted.  Your time must be spent thus: read; after you read, pray; after you pray, read.  Thus, your mind is occupied on two good things.  If you have to do manual labor or refresh the body with food and drink, let another nun read to you.  So that while your hands or eyes are intent on work, your ears may feast on the Word of God.  

If the mind can still be tempted while engrossed in prayer and reading, imagine what greater power does evil have on minds without prayer and readings.  

Your readings must tell you what you ought to pray for; having asked in prayer, inquire again through reading what you will pray for next.            

St. Leander of Seville: "De Institutione Virginum" Chap. 15





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                                                                                        - Teresa of Avila


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