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Good and Bad Nuns 

Stay in the monastery and benefit from the virtuous example of other nuns. There will always be conflicts among nuns who have many personal desires and complaints from the carnally minded. But there will always be some good nuns. To tolerate the carnal is a proof of virtue but to imitate the virtuous is your source of hope. Those nuns whom you will patiently endure and those whom you will calmly imitate are both useful to your soul.

The Apostle says: "Gladly put up with fools because you are wise yourselves." "...be strong to bear the infirmities of the weak and do not please yourselves; instead, please your neighbors by doing good for their edification."

So dear sister, let not the complaints of the carnal irk you; but be consoled by the life of the good nuns.

St. Leander of Seville: "The Training of Nuns," Chap. 25



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