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There is a school unlike all other schools.  The students don't take notes, do assignments or have tests.  In fact, there are no subjects.  But there is much spirited discussion. . .with oneself. 

The teachers are dead men; and all well known throughout the world as the best:  St. Augustine, St. Basil, St. Athanasius, St. Thomas of Aquinas, St. John Cardinal Newman to mention a few among the resident faculty. 

With these teachers, they try to rebuild the City of God among the city of fallen men.  They try to live the life of the Church when everything was fine with the Church. . .at a time parents were saints rather then separated, children were saints rather than drug addicts and when priests and bishops were true shepherds rather than hirelings and molesters. 

There is much calisthenics in between the spirited debates with oneself.  There are exercises in asceticism, wrestling bouts with the passions and boxing with the vices. 

Aside from the debates, the intellect is horned in with trying to answer the big questions in life: why am I here, where am I heading, why do the good suffer, why are the sinners well off? 

The buildings are made on the solid grounds of tradition.  They are unmoved by the earthquakes of novelty and experimentation. 

An elective, the subject on music, is to develop a mastery of the songs composed by the Holy Spirit and whispered to and written down by Pope Gregory the Great.  A non-required subject is singing the composition of the Renaissance, like Palestrina, De Vittoria and Des Pres. 

Graduation is attended by the heavenly host of angels and the graduates are immediately employed in heaven. 

The school is open and is admitting students for the beginner's grade.  Only a few will be selected based on only one qualification:  if one is truly seeking God.  The school is the Lay Monastic Community of CARYANA.  Enrollment is constantly going on. 





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The Winnowing Fan hopes ..." to do what little it could to solve the evils that beset the church."

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